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Ihuitl the philosoraptor boy scout
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Oh hey there, friend...or stranger. Sit down by the fire and allow me to pour you a cup of tea from the pot. You caught me here in this campsite as I was stopping to rest...I tend to travel alot, always on to the next adventure. Please, share your thoughts with me.

Currently I am an intelligence officer in the Army, although I was previously doing psychological operations in the reserves. I've earned my Eagle Scout, hold a black belt in tae kwon do and a half-black in Hwa-rang do, I study other martial arts...and yes I've also been known to stay at monasteries, for volunteering and to cultivate myself.

I majored in film at UC Irvine, wrote a full length feature animation script - now a low budget artsy independent fantasy film based on ancient Egypt entitled "Eye of the Bennu", which you can view here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8lFwMT3wkk. I write stories, and also taken to studying and writing philosophy (especially Confucianism, classical Western political philosophy, ethics and Bushido) and applying myself to military and geopolitical pursuits.

I suppose you could say I am a self-styled warrior-scholar or samurai...but in the end, this raptor prefers to think of himself as a boy scout:

"The final obligation of an Eagle Scout is service. He extends a helping hand to those who toil up the Scouting trail he has completed, just as others helped him in his achievement of the Eagle rank. The habit of the daily Good Turn must take on new meaning and blossom forth into a life of service. The Eagle protects and defends the weak and the helpless. He aids and comforts the oppressed and the unfortunate. He upholds the rights of others while defending his own. His code of honor is based upon the belief that real leadership must be founded upon real service."