Eye of the Bennu, my ancient Egyptian fantasy film!

This, friends, is "Eye of the Bennu", an ancient Egyptian fantasy film featuring anthropomorphic animal characters based on the gods of that civilization, and filmed in "Khabit Theater" - in the style of Indonesian shadow puppetry behind papyrus (the 'khabit' was the ancient Egyptian word for the shadow which was part of one's soul).

It is the story of a jackal named Aketnu who finds himself caught up in the Kingdom's struggle to incarnate their god Ra through the Pharaoh, into a mystical phoenix called the Bennu, before their enemies the Hyksos can do the same with their own deity, the evil serpent Apep. Throughout the ordeal, Aketnu meets valiant warriors, compassionate priestesses, royal nobility, and comes face to face with Apep, the enemy of life, who has chosen as his vessel none other than Aketnu's own best friend!

URL: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y8lFwMT3wkk
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